Brian Harroff, Pastor
work: (757) 423-8536
home: (614) 266-8798
Brian is a second-career pastor who was ordained in 2010. He and his wife Lisa have two
daughters (Caitlin, 24 and Taryn, 22). Brian is from the Central Ohio area and is an alumnus of
The Ohio State University.
Prior to entering the ministry full-time, Brian spent 18 years in documentation and training for
AT&T – which became Lucent Technologies – which became Alcatel-Lucent. He also spent
several years as a wastewater treatment consultant immediately following college.
Brian was raised Presbyterian. He was ordained as a deacon by the church in which he grew up.
He was ordained as a ruling elder in the Presbyterian church in which he raised his daughters.
Brian served as a bi-vocational pastor to a small church from 2008 – 2014 (he began his tenure
as a student pastor). He entered full-time ministry as a transitional pastor in 2014. Brian
worked with two yoked churches in Portsmouth, Ohio. He did transitional work in a church
around Columbus, Ohio following that.

Brian's Statement of Faith
I believe in one God in three persons. Through the ineffable Trinity, God demonstrates a community bonded by love. As a believer, I am called to seek fulfillment in this life through community with God and with my fellow humans. I believe God created the universe from nothing. I believe God created the universe so that all creation can know and glorify God. I believe God has both a purpose and a plan which guide human lives in specific and human history in general. I believe God’s providence is our greatest source of comfort and hope. As a believer, the assurance of God’s providence calls me to take greater risks in the service of God in this world.
I believe in Jesus Christ, fully divine and fully human. I believe Jesus Christ died on the cross. I believe that after 3 days God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. I believe that, in Jesus Christ and through Christ’s work on the cross, God has taken the initiative to save a fallen humanity. I believe humanity exists in a fallen state in which we are so completely affected by sin that we lack the freedom to choose God’s will. Given the state of our depravity, I believe that God’s work in Jesus Christ is solely and completely God’s grace. I believe Jesus will return to judge all humanity, both the living and the dead. I believe that we belong to God in both life and death.
I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe the Holy Spirit graciously bestows upon humanity the gift of faith in Jesus Christ. I believe the Holy Spirit initiates faith in believers. I believe the Holy Spirit engrafts believers into Christ and seals God’s promises to believers through the sacrament of Baptism. I believe that through the unmerited grace of the Holy Spirit we are justified via faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I believe, through the Lord’s Supper, the Holy Spirit unites believers with Christ’s presence where we are nourished and energized.
I believe the Holy Spirit inspired the writers of Holy Scripture and continues to move through Scripture to reveal God’s will to humanity. I believe the Church exists through the gracious work of the Holy Spirit. I also believe the Holy Spirit is unpredictable and mysterious. As a result I believe Christians are called to be open to the unexpected manner in which the Spirit will work in their lives and the lives of those with whom they come in contact. As a believer, I humbly affirm that God graciously and lovingly meets me in my broken sinful state. I believe that in grateful response to this wholly undeserved act I am to share the good news of the Christian gospel with other broken persons. In grateful response, I am called to serve God by working for justice, peace, and liberation in this world. As a believer, in deep
gratitude for God’s gracious acts, I humbly seek to glorify God in what I do.