Carol Bayma - Parish Visitor

What is a Parish Visitor? 

The RMPC Parish Visitor is commissioned to ensure that home-bound or hospitalized members and friends, who are unable to attend corporate worship, educational and fellowship functions, are kept in communion with this fellow of believers through regular visits  and the Sacrament of Communion.  Regular visits are scheduled about every four to six weeks, as wished by visited members and/or their family.  Currently these visits include reading of the Scripture and prayer along with general conversation about the visited member's and the church's concerns and joys.

Additionally, the Parish Visitor is currently organizing a team of Ruling Elders to extend the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper to visited members.  Our Presbyterian Directory for Worship charges the Session to provide for this Sacrament no less than once every three months; we are working toward that goal.

Please contact Carol Bayma for questions regarding Parish Visitor ministry (cell phone 757-286-4256).