Evangelism Ministry

The mission of the Evangelism Ministry Team is to bring our members to the understanding that evangelism is the task that Jesus gave his disciples: To share the Good News of the Gospel and bring others to Jesus and His church.
Responsibilities: To help the congregation prepare for the future by helping to create an environment that:
• welcomes all people;
• embraces cultural diversity;
• helps all people encounter and establish a relationship with our triune God; and
• acknowledges that the mission field of our ministry is located outside the walls of the church where we are challenged to serve God and our neighbors locally, regionally, and globally
To meet these responsibilities, the team performs the following tasks:
•The Chair or another team member presents an Evangelism Minute for Mission during worship no less than semi-annually. Emphasis is placed on informing Royster members that bringing others to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ is the responsibility of all members of our congregation, not just the pastor or the Evangelism Ministry Team.
•The team ensures an article on Evangelism is included in the Royster Reporter newsletter at least quarterly
•The team members work with other teams to be more sensitive to the needs of others in the community in which we live and serve. Activities are planned to meet these needs and attract others to fellowship in our church.
•In conjunction with the ruling elders of the church, team members remain alert for newcomers in the community and invite them to worship with us
•The team members remain alert for first-time visitors to our worship services and place emphasis on warmly greeting and welcoming these visitors
•The team works to involve newcomers in church activities to instill a sense of belonging, but gives them time to adjust to life in our church before asking them how they would like to serve the Lord.
•The Chair attends all Stated and Called Session meetings. When the Chair of the team is not currently serving on Session, the Chair has a voice but no vote on Session matters.