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May 2019 Newsletter Excerpts

A Note From The Pastor

Don’t worry about things, saying, “What are we going to eat?” or “Will we have anything to drink?” or “What will we wear?” (People who don’t know God at all do that!) For your Father — the One in the heavens around you — knows you need these things. Instead, make it your top priority to be part of what God is doing and to have the kind of goodness he has. Everything else you need will be provided. (Matthew 6:31-32)  

American philosopher Dallas Willard wrote the above translation of the Matthew text. I enjoy his phrasing, especially “make it your top priority to be part of what God is doing.” I think he captured the essence of Jesus preaching in that statement. 

God is doing some wonderful things in Norfolk and we are privileged to be a part of God’s work. We are being called by God to cross barriers of race and economics and politics. Together, we are making a priority of building community in Christ’s name. Our Lent and Easter celebrations were full of opportunities to join God and others in the kind of goodness God has, and we took full advantage of those opportunities! 

The wonderful phrase about God’s action comes in the midst of Jesus’ exhortation against worry. As our congregation continues to prioritize God’s work, the connection to worry becomes clear. As we cross boundaries and add events, we feel the worries of the world crowd in. We worry about resources—both energy and money. We worry about our identity as a congregation. We worry about a path to the future. In the midst of the joy of being a part of what God is doing, comes the worry that we will not be able to maintain the effort. 

Jesus understood our humanity. He understood that anyone stretching to be a part of what God is doing would be confronted with their own feelings of inadequacy. And so, the dual exhortation, “make God’s work your top priority” and “don’t worry about resources or the future.” 

Joan Gray writes, “To act as though material circumstances have the last word on us or on the church or on the world effectively discounts God’s sovereignty and puts us at the mercy of whatever our circumstances may be.” 

That is quite a statement. Belief in a sovereign God means recognizing that material circumstances (money, energy, time, talent, youth, etc.) do not have the last word on anything. That is also the radical message that Jesus preached. 

We believe in a sovereign God. We are making it our top priority to be part of what the sovereign God is doing in Norfolk. Rejoice and do not worry! Everything we need to do that will be provided. 

Grace and peace, Brian. 

high tea at royster!

May 19, 2019

Please join the Spiritual Formation Ministry Team and youth for the 5th Annual High Tea after worship Sunday, May 19 in the north annex. We will be serving all kinds of teas, scones, fruit, and sandwiches. Donations will support the Royster Youth. 

elect the elders!

June 02, 2019

There will be a congregational meeting on June 02, immediately following the worship service to elect elders for the Class of 2022. Don’t miss out!

PentEcost is coming…

June 09, 2019

The Pentecost Offering will be received on Pentecost Sunday, June 09. In the past, Royster’s proceeds have funded scholarships for deserving Granby students to attend the Norfolk Public Schools’ Camp Einstein. An old-fashion picnic will follow worship. The Pentecost Offering helps our young people begin life with a strong start, a solid foundation of faith formed in the years from childhood through young adulthood. Join us and the whole church in building for our future, in building individual lives of faith. If we all do a little, it adds up to a lot! By giving to the Pentecost Offering, we are nurturing the faith of those who are the church to come: children, youth, and young adults. We invite the congregation to join with the worldwide church in building for our future, in building individual lives of faith. JOIN US FOR PENTECOST!

Royster Breakfast club schedule for 2019

hosted by james gregg at mom & pop’s family restaurant


Every other Saturday, the Royster Breakfast Club meets at Mom & Pop’s Family Restaurant at 331 E Bayview Blvd here in Norfolk for good food and good conversation, starting at 7:30AM. Host James Gregg welcomes anyone to attend on the upcoming Saturday mornings:

May 25 June 08 June 22 July 06 July 20
Aug. 03 Aug. 17 Aug. 31 Sep. 14 Sep. 28
Oct. 12 Oct. 26 Nov. 09 Nov. 23 Dec. 07 Dec. 21